While The Paloma Centre will accept referrals from Commercial concerns, General Practitioners and other medical professionals both within the National Health Service and Private Practice, the majority of clients are individuals who make contact having made a decision that they should "do something" about a particular issue that concerns them.

The Paloma Centre offers a positive, supportive, non-judgmental approach to resolving life-limiting issues, enabling clients to move forward through life in a more rewarding manner.

Initial Consultation

The first consultation is normally reserved for a detailed discussion of the issue of concern and of gathering whatever information is relevant about the client and the history of the presenting issue. In return the therapist will fully brief the client on any proposed therapy and its implications and agree with the client its duration and likely cost. The therapist will explain what he will require the client to do over this period and satisfy any questions that the client may have with any aspect of the ongoing relationship. If hypnosis is to be utilised at any point the therapist will use this opportunity to fully explain, and possibly demonstrate, all aspects of this relaxing therapy.

Subsequent Consultations

The therapist will have drawn up a plan for completing the therapy within the agreed time and will now begin to implement that plan. The plan, in addition to the fixed meetings, may include "homework" tasks for the client such as keeping records of behaviour or changes, or listening to therapy tapes to supplement the fixed sessions. The client's commitment to undertaking these tasks is essential to the successful outcome of the programme.

Once the agreed number of sessions is complete the therapist will review the current position with the client and the client can then decide whether or not there is any requirement for extending the programme. The decision is entirely with the client. The therapeutic process is entirely voluntary on the client's part and will cease whenever the client wishes.

Before any therapy is undertaken the therapist will clarify to the client the understanding on which therapy will take place including the methods, duration and confidentiality of the process.

Throughout the therapeutic process the right of clients
to make their own decisions is respected.

Counsellors and Therapists employed at The Paloma Centre will abide by a Code of Ethics set out by their professional Governing Body and be suitably insured for their practice.

Counsellors and Therapists employed at The Paloma Centre will be professionally trained and will be committed to maintaining their professional expertise through a Continuous Professional Development programme.

Counsellors and Therapists employed at The Paloma Centre will have regular and appropriate professional supervision/consultative support.

The client will at all times be treated with respect and discretion and the whole relationship will be treated as confidential as explained by the Counsellor or Therapist at the Initial Consultation.

Group Talks and Discussions

In order to raise awareness of the issues involved, and to create an environment whereby people feel able to begin the process of personal growth or healing, The Paloma Centre can arrange to give presentations to, or arrange informal discussions with, support groups of all kinds, whether they be formal organisations such as schools, Round Table or the W.I., or more informal groupings of friends or colleagues with mutual interests. The Paloma Centre believes in a society whereby no-one need feel isolated or overwhelmed by life when professional, positive, supportive assistance is available.

The Paloma Centre is a non-judgmental organisation designed to provide an opportunity for clients to grow as individuals within a caring, supportive environment.