Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

This modern, humanistic therapy is based on the belief that we already have within us everything that we need in terms of personal resources to achieve our own objectives within our own individual "model" of the world in which we exist. NLP is designed to help us find, recognise and build upon those resources to achieve a better, more complete way of living for ourselves within our own world "model".


By changing our perceptions of ourselves and our abilities, of the people around us and the meaning of their behaviour we can change the way in which we and our world interact to a more positive and rewarding "model". Great use is made of visualisation and the understanding of "non verbal communication", or body language as we more commonly refer to it as, and the use of language patterns to achieve greater understanding and acceptance in communication with others. By changing our perceptions, we change the way we behave and thereby change the way that the world around us reacts to us. A more structured form of this therapy is known as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Personal performance planning

Great use is made of NLP techniques in life-planning exercises in terms of setting well defined targets based upon prioritisation of all aspects of an integrated lifestyle. Mental exercises can also provide positive "triggers" for the implementation of positive attitudes and these, along with visualisation exercises, are often used by athletes to enhance competitive performance. More simply, such techniques can also be used in every day life to control behaviour such as anxiety or temper outbursts occurring in frustrating circumstances.


Negative aspects of past experiences can also be amended such that they no longer detract from a more positive approach to life. The challenging of outmoded belief systems within the individual plays a key role within NLP. Modelling of key items of behaviour of "role models" can also help in improving outlook and behaviour.

Overall NLP is an excellent, low key, system for effecting positive change thereby allowing the individual to operate nearer to their personal peak performance on a more continuous basis in all aspects of their life.