Meridian Energy Therapies


Although known to mankind since about 5000 BC, the first known methodically documented record of acupuncture, which is a precursor to, and a basis for, modern Meridian Energy Therapies (MET) based upon energy flows within the person, was published about 3000 BC in China. This has remained, with refinement, the basis of all further development.

Various exponents of modern “medicine” first began to incorporate the principles of this in the 1960’s initially through the exploration of the relationships between muscle strength, organic health and energy meridians leading to diagnostic muscle testing which in turn later led to Applied Kinesiology. In the late 1970’s this was in turn further developed into the field of psychology and psychotherapy by Roger Callahan with his Thought Field Technology (TFT), later known as Voice Technology.

This was the basis for further work by others, most notably perhaps by Gary Craig in the 1990’s, who trained with Callahan, and who in turn developed EFT. Variations on a theme have led to a family of associated therapies which operate under the umbrella term of Meridian Energy Therapies and the Association for which was formed in the UK in 1998. Further exploration and development continues in this thought provoking, highly effective modern application of ancient knowledge.

The training undertaken by therapists at The Paloma Centre is accredited by the Association for Meridian Energy Therapies and is used in a wide variety of applications including the alleviation of emotional and mental stress, overcoming allergies and the persistent negative thoughts, feelings and emotions experienced by us all in everyday life.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)

Sometimes known as “acupuncture without needles” or “tapping”, EFT is highly effective in dealing with unwanted negative emotions, thoughts or memories. Fast relief from unwanted emotional “baggage” is frequently experienced by clients and a do-it-yourself tool-kit may be taught to clients who wish to continue using this enjoyable practice to maintain their emotional wellbeing. Practise consists of tapping with the fingers on various “acupressure” points on the hands and face whilst mentally focusing on the issue that requires attention or remedy. These short routines can take as little as three or four minutes each and can quickly demonstrate noticeable benefits. The EFT Proxy and Vortex patterns are also practised at The Paloma Centre.

Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT)

Developed by acupuncturist Tapas Fleming, TAT adopts a more meditative approach than the more physical practice of EFT, for example, and is based upon Taoist principles of balance and wholeness. One of the aims of TAT is to free you from the emotions associated with fixed points of view or attitudes but is also used highly effectively with allergies, eating disorders and trauma of various origins.

Emotrance (ET)

Emotrance, developed by Sylvia Hartman who has written a succession of best selling books on energy therapies, ignores the pre-determined energy maps of the body used by many other energy therapies and works with direct feedback from the client on a more holistic basis. ET again is a more meditative approach to healing than EFT, BSFF et al. ET works on the basis that energy flows into, through and out of our bodies and that negative affects are caused by energy becoming “stuck” or inappropriately retained, the aim being to restore the flow of energy thereby dispersing the adverse affects.

Muscle Testing (Kinesiology technique)

Muscle testing may be used by the therapist to establish basic truths held by the (energy) body about ourselves. While we may delude ourselves about circumstances or truths, the body, via the unconscious mind, has a way of revealing these misconceptions which, as a result, can truly lead to faster and more effective healing.

In all cases the therapist will explain these techniques before asking your acceptance to use them.