Life Coaching

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a powerful engine for personal change and self development. Life Coaching is based upon a professional, one to one, empathetic relationship between the Coach and yourself whereby you are encouraged, within a structured framework, to re-think and re-define your goals, requirements and ambitions in either a specific area of your life that you wish to improve, or as an overall whole-life planning exercise and to create a strategy and plan to achieve those goals within a determined time frame.

What does a Life Coach do?

A coach will find out what is really important to you, what really drives you, what makes you who you are, what makes you tick - and how to make you tick faster, if that is what you desire. A coach will help you discover just what it is that you do want in life then help you achieve it in a planned, objective manner, integrated within your greater, overall life plan. A coach provides motivation, expertise and an objective viewpoint on the client's requirements plus additional drive to actually achieve the objectives.

Why use a Life Coach?

If change was easy we would all do it for ourselves, but it isn't. We all prevaricate in life, putting things off that are difficult, though desirable, and just wishing for change to happen. It doesn't! It has to be made to happen and that's what a Coach does; the Coach helps you make it happen - for you! A Coach has an open mind and is totally objective and focused on your requirements, unlike people who may be closer to you who may have either their own agendas or find it difficult to present the true facts to you for fear of affecting their relationship with you. A Coach provides the framework for exploring the issues, defining the outcomes and planning the strategy for achievement and acts as your professional "conscience" in moving you towards your goals when necessary.

What for?

What for? The focus may be on work/life balance, achieving more in business or personal life, stress management, maybe improving relationships with others or trying to get a better perspective on life overall. Whatever aspect of your life you wish to improve, your coach will be your professional ally in achieving that ambition. 

How does it work?

The Coach works with you on a one-to-one basis, initially face to face, perhaps later by telephone on a regular, usually weekly, basis. All meetings and conversations are conducted on a confidential basis throughout. The initial meetings are used to establish a mutual rapport and trust between the Coach and yourself while the Coach gets to know you and understand what drives and motivates you and what it is that you are wishing to change and why. The Coach's questions are very searching and are directed at striking to the heart of the matter in order to make you really think through and understand the implications of the changes that you wish to make in your life and explore your motivation to do so. The next part is putting together a plan to achieve the objectives and to ensure that any actions are "congruent" with your belief systems and overall life values and that they fit within your greater life plan. The Coach will ensure that the plan includes an element of "stretch" for you to broaden your expertise and experience providing you with an insight into your own true abilities. Having agreed a plan of action the Coach will then motivate and monitor progress towards the target ensuring that you stay on track to achieve your stated aims.